Hora Artista Local
18h00 Sofie Birch CIAJG
19h15 George Riley Teatro Jordão
20h15 Slauson Malone 1 Teatro Jordão
21h15 Marina Herlop Teatro Jordão
22h30 aya live av w/ sweatmother CCVF
23h30 Kai Whiston CCVF
01h15 Slikback São Mamede
02h15 Schwefelgelb São Mamede
03h15 Poly Chain São Mamede
04h15 DJ Otsoa São Mamede
Hora Artista Local
17h00 Luís Fernandes CIAJG
19h30 Rainy Miller Teatro Jordão
20h30 Moin Teatro Jordão
21h30 Ill Considered Teatro Jordão
22h45 Jockstrap CCVF
23h45 Blackhaine CCVF
01h30 object blue São Mamede
03h00 Skee Mask São Mamede
04h00 DJ Lynce São Mamede


CIAJG, also know as Centro Internacional das Artes José de Guimarães, is one of the must visit cultural structures of Guimarães. As a museum, CIAJG aims to put history into perspective, providing new looks into visual arts and design from within its modern, brutalist-like facilities

Centro Cultural Vila Flor

A remnant of Guimarães’s time as European Capital of Culture, CCVF is one of the most prominent venues nationwide, not only due to its state-of-the-art infra-structures but also thanks to its ongoing programming, reaching all mediums and hosting artists from all expressions.

Teatro Jordão
Inaugurated over 80 years ago, Teatro Jordão is also where Guimarães Conservatorium of Music is located, thus being a place of excellence for music. Located in the city centre, Teatro Jordão reverberates the city’s uncanny architectural style and history.

Teatro São Mamede
Initially devised as a venue for screening films in the early 70s form within the centre of the city of Guimarães, Teatro São Mamede evolved into a multidisciplinary venue ready to host performance art of any kind as well. Its room is capable of adapting to many scenarios, from shows demanding a sit-down situation to more dance-floor-oriented settings.


About Mucho Flow

Since its inception in 2013, Mucho Flow has been a hallmark for experimentation in the Portuguese music scene. This has been done not only by providing a stage for artists to explore new avenues, but also by bringing experimentation into the curatorship processes and raising challenges to keep each new edition as fresh as possible. Mucho Flow has thus avoided the repetition, the monotone, and the one genre-only approach, setting out in pursuit of the new, the first-timers and the up-and-coming, rules that define its 9th edition, scheduled for the 4th and 5th of November, in Guimarães, Portugal.

This year’s lineup will be crossing genres, geographies and mediums, whilst anticipating trends. Whatever tickles your bone, you’ll find something to engage with at Mucho Flow.

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