Creating a supergroup that is also super discrete is, in itself, a curious exercise — and arguably a questionable concept. But we dare to say Moin fits the description, not only by bringing together uber talented musicians, but by creating the perfect context for them to widen their scope of action to broader, more interesting experimental contexts. That is exactly what Joe Andrews, Tome Halstead (whom we immediately associate with Blackest Ever Black) and Valentina Magaletti (whom we know from projects such as Tomaga and CZN) were able to do under the moniker of Moin. While creating Moot, their debut LP, the trio developed abrasive and rhythmically defying post-punk pieces that took the genre further into new realms, and which process allowed it to have an entity in itself. By merging different recording techniques, both live and studio ones, the album is more than a spectacle set for consumerism. More than consumerism is also exactly what we expect to get in a live context.

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