Kai Whiston

No one can predict which direction will Kai Whiston follow next, but it is safe to assume it will be an interesting, defying one. A collaborator of Shygirl (who always manages to surround herself with the best producers around), Iglooghost, and Pussy Riot, Whiston is now far beyond using just sound to create his spaces and scapes, using a multimedia approach to his artistic endeavours. Actually, most of his approach is about getting far beyond anything, using all available tools to manipulate reality and creating his own, unique outputs. His fashion of electronica is usually bright and saturated, with harsh textures popping up clinicly from time to time; this formula allows him to encapsulate decades of exploration in the UK electronic scene in each track, from the most chill, moving versions of hist, to the bass-heavy dancefloor-wrecking bursts. His art could be considered a history lesson set in the future, a testament to the present that is actually happening.

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