João Soares, also known as DJ Otsoa, born and based in Porto, currently as producer at Passos Manuel Club, co-founder of Mera Label and co-founder of Ócio, brings his unique energy to the dancefloor, always leaving a trace in the people who listen to him and in the space that receives him. His school of electro, acid and breakbeat develops along his path, not leaving behind his Detroit influences that guide him until today. He lets himself be carried away by energetic music and transposes this into an underground environment, where it is impossible to stand still and where the music is the focus. A great piece of the culture in the city of Porto, he has been exploring his aesthetics throughout the city's clubs and motivating everyone and everything to promote each person's work, both with his label and his attitude.
Throughout his journey, he has already performed on stage at festivals such as Sónar Lisboa, Semibreve and Estaleiro. He is a present element in the underground culture and since 2018, his music and his sharing are present in the music scene, always cultivating the audience around him.

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